Contract Finishing

ACT, Inc. utilizes an 11,000ft² finish room with a 75’ long CNC UV Flat Line Paint System, 2 “hand spray” booths, a color matching system for pigmented paints and another for stains, and personnel with years of experience matching colors. 

Our finish department is designed to be washed down at any time to insure all dust and contaminates are removed prior to paint.  The UV line has additional air filtering in the heating system to insure an impeccable finish time after time. 

We are experienced at applying post and pre-catalyzed lacquers, conversion varnish, polyurethane, latex, acrylic, oil based and water based paints to wood, metal, and plastic.  Daily we utilized both water and oil based stains.

We stock paint bases in clear and white and utilize these bases with an array of pigments to custom color match in house.  Once the color is matched and approved we mix all our colors in house.  This allows us to consistently match your color from batch to batch and mix only enough paint to do the job. No excess paint waste means no excess cost to you.

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