Design / Engineering

ACT, Inc. will take your store fixture or custom cabinet design from conception to reality whether you have existing designs and drawings or just an idea. Our design and engineering team will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and desires, and then utilizing the latest software including AutoCAD, Adobe, Corel Draw, and other design suites we will transform your designs into 3D renderings for your review and approval.

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Store Fixtures & POP

ACT, Inc. excels at design and manufacture of custom store fixture packages for retailers looking for a full-service experience. Whether it is a single fixture for a single location, a whole store package or roll out ACT, Inc. has the resources and experience to make your plans a reality.

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Injection Molding

Injection molded parts can add significantly to the visual and functional aspects of your store fixtures so why utilize a standard or off the shelf product designed for someone else on your flagship product when we can provide you with a custom-made injection molded part that displays your product in the best way possible?

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ACT, Inc knows metal store fixtures and it shows. Whether you are looking for table top sized display fixtures, freestanding floor fixtures, or a full wall display system with all the options we have you covered. Utilizing our facilities domestically as well as overseas we can provide the highest quality store fixtures at the most competitive prices available.

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Looking for an attractive, flexible, and low cost option for your store fixtures that can be made to your specifications without significant investments in tooling and setup? Why limit yourself to one configuration of your in-store fixture when you can have a system that’s flexible as well as attractive that your merchandisers can change as needed to accommodate your changing display requirements?

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ACT, Inc has always been an industry leader in wood products, after all that’s where we started out. Whether you are looking for cash wraps and back wraps, glass display cases, merchandisers, 4 ways, shelves or any other wood based store fixture, ACT, Inc. has you covered.

Automated Cutting Technologies was founded by an industry expert who was involved in the development of CNC routers before they became mainstream, as a result we have enjoyed a significant advantage over competitors that needed to learn the technology from the ground up. Our people understand the technology deeply and leverage that knowledge to the fullest advantage in every phase of our cutting and routing operations.

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Architectural Millwork

ACT, Inc. has been involved in architectural millwork since its inception. Our ability to manufacture and just as importantly to provide outstanding finishes on the millwork we produce is second to none.

Our work can be found in buildings all over the world in establishments ranging from restaurants to a diplomatic embassy and everything in between.

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ACT, Inc. can help you elevate your POP to the next level by providing low cost, high quality merchandise displays manufactured from high end materials as opposed to the cardboard based displays used by many retailers.

Of course, there’s a market for that type of P.O.P. but doesn’t your product deserve to be displayed in a manner consistent with its image? Let us help you create POP displays that make your product “pop”!

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Trade Show

Let us help you make a great first impression when you display your products at industry trade shows. Many companies can sell you a generic display booth with the basics needed to display your products and literature but wouldn’t you prefer having your brand showcased in the best possible light for those important visitors?

We can custom tailor a trade show booth or an entire space that presents your products in a manner that mimics the environment that you spent significant time developing and are providing in the retail setting which keeps your branding message consistent and recognizable to current and future customers.

Our ability to take your existing store fixtures and transform them into a portable retail store environment has been proven to be an effective and exciting option for those retailers who demand the best in all aspects of their business.

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MDF Doors

MDF doors aren’t necessarily exciting but they do offer a cost effective, attractive and stable product that can be manufactured quickly and in a vast number of colors and options. ACT, Inc. has been manufacturing MDF doors since 2004 and as a result we are industry experts on the technology and processes to get the project done quickly and correctly.

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Sign Products

ACT, Inc. has the equipment, experience, and ability to exceed our client’s expectations in the manufacturing of custom signage. With your design sent to us in most common file formats such as .ai, .eps., .cdr, .dxf, .dwg and many more we can fill all your signage needs. If you do not have the ability to send us a digital file a sketch on a napkin will do.

We have the software, experience, equipment, and most importantly the right staff to take that sketch and turn it into a completed sign.

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ACT, Inc. specializes in building custom prototypes whether you choose to utilize us for production or if you simply require a one-off to beta test your design concept. We are happy to do as little or as much of the project as you desire while insuring that the concept and idea remains yours.

Our experience in this area has covered the range from assisting the University of Kentucky in prototyping surgical trainers to helping an individual with a onetime DIY project. No project is too big or too small.

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Small Runs

One off / prototypes or just a few pieces are no problem. The staff at ACT, Inc. enjoy turning your creations into reality. Creating new product is big part of what make the job so much fun.

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Roll Outs

Experience, tactical high-speed special event support, product and fixture refreshes, warehousing, project management, logistics, savings realized by importing from China, shipping to 2/3 of the US population in 1 to 2 days. ACT, Inc. has all the tools to make your roll out successful and cost efficient.

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Contract Services

ACT, Inc. excels at providing complete store fixture packages directly to the retailers. However, we recognize that there is a significant market for our capabilities within the remaining industry, and we are pleased to offer our services as a contract manufacturer.

If you are a millwork, fixture or furniture manufacturer looking for additional long or short term capacity please feel free to contact us to discuss what we can do to help out.

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Contract Machining

With 5 CNC Router Tables, 2 CNC Saws, 2 CNC Edge Banders, a Laser Cutter / Engraver and dozens of additional woodworking equipment spanning all phases of wood component manufacturing, ACT, Inc. can machine parts for companies that either don’t have their own equipment or don’t have the capacity to meet their deadlines. ACT, Inc. always has the capacity to take on your overflow.

Do you have a project is just too difficult for your equipment or staff? Do you need a CNC Router for your project that is larger than most standard machines? ACT, Inc. has a CNC that can cut sheets as large as 64" x 149".

Because we started as a contract shop, we have seen and successfully worked with many different materials and projects over the years, giving our staff vast experience with many techniques and materials not usually encountered by a typical woodworking or sign company. Why waste a lot of time for no reason when we already know how to get the job done?

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Contract Finishing

ACT, Inc. utilized an 11,000ft² finish room with a 75’ long CNC UV Flat Line Paint System, 2 “hand spray” booths, a color matching system for pigmented paints and another for stains, and personnel with years of experience matching colors.

Our finish department is designed to be washed down at any time to insure all dust and contaminates are removed prior to paint. The UV line has additional air filtering in the heating system to insure impeccable finish time after time.

We are experienced in applying post and pre-catalyzed lacquers, conversion varnish, polyurethane, latex, acrylic, oil based and water based paints to wood, metal, and plastic. Daily we utilized both water and oil based stains.

We stock paint bases in clear and white and utilize these bases with an array of pigments to custom color match in house. Once the color is matched we mix all our colors in house. This allows us to consistently match your color from batch to batch and mix only enough paint to do the job. No excess paint waste means no excess cost to you.

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Contract Manufacturing

While we excel at providing complete store fixture packages directly to the retailers, we recognize that there is a significant market for our capabilities within the industrial community, and we are pleased to offer our services.

Even if you are a “competitor” looking for additional capacity, equipment, or expertise that you don’t have, please feel free to contact us to discuss what we can do to help you succeed.

For more information about our capabilities click here.

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ACT, Inc. can quickly produce cost-effective packaging and crates in a wide variety of lumber, plastics, and foams for your specific packaging needs. Whether it’s one part or 1,000,000 parts, we can and have done it.

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Project Management

ACT, Inc. provides full-service one-stop shopping for our clients. To insure consistency and success, we provide full service project management for all our projects no matter how large or small. In fact, our service continues not only after we ship product, but for as long as our customers require it. Whether you call it turnkey or value-added, we simply consider it our obligation to our customers.

For over 20 years ACT, Inc. has also served as a contract manufacturer to other fixture and millwork companies. That experience has enabled ACT, Inc. to developed best practices that allow seamless integration when working with other manufacturers and suppliers on projects.

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Warehousing and Inventory Management

Whether we are manufacturing your store fixtures here in the United States or in Asia there will come a point in the process where warehousing and inventory management will become an important concern.

While ACT, Inc. maintains a portion of our manufacturing facility for raw goods and some finished goods inventory we believe that having vast areas of unused warehousing space is wasteful and impractical, after all we are a store fixture manufacturer and our machines and craftsmen need room to work in- we’re not a 3PL warehousing facility and we don’t pretend to be.

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Installation and Logistics

Once ACT, Inc. has designed and manufactured your custom store fixtures we can provide the value-added services required to successfully ship and if desired, install your fixture package.

We provide transportation services that are custom tailored to your specific needs, LTL through white glove services are available and because we partner with a select few carriers we can insure 100% on time deliveries as well as keep the risk of damage in transit virtually non-existent.

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