Mission Statement

Through obsessive attention to our customers’ fixture and millwork needs ACT, Inc. will strive to continue worldwide growth by exceeding our customers’ expectations in whatever manner is required to fulfill their needs. 

Our staff will achieve this by listening to and adapting to each customer and then tailoring our services to fit their system instead of asking them to conform to ours.  We will work tirelessly to insure deadlines are met; missed deadlines are not acceptable.

Our manufacturing effort will achieve this through continuous investment in education and new technology.  We will leverage existing machinery through methodical preventative maintenance and strategically upgrading existing equipment to keep ahead of the competition. We will purchase new equipment only when necessary to provide a better and more affordable product to our client, not just to have a shiny new machine for show.

Our procurement will always strive to find the right product at the best price by creating and cultivating relationships with vendors in the US, Canada, Mexico, Southeast Asia and beyond.

Service to the church and community shall always be a priority at ACT, Inc.  No matter how busy we may feel there will always be time to serve.  Our Christian values are our guide to how we treat our customers, vendors, and employees.  Guided by these values the legacy of ACT, Inc. will be its contribution to the wellbeing of its employees, the community, and the needs of the church. 

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